Dance meetings

The Circolo pugliese of the Società di Danza promotes and organizes nineteenth-century and Scottish dance meetings and classes.

Through the eyes, the movements of the body and the right rhythm of your feet you can enter the magical world of quadrilles, waltzes, nineteenth-century mazurkas.

With the hectic rhythm of the Scottish contra dance, you will learn how to draw new geometries and dance over them with others thanks to the magic of a glance.

All this combined with the beauty of the music and the places where grand balls, parties and dancing shows will be held all the year round, both in Italy and abroad.

Dance meetings are organized in quarters, as follows:

October / November / December;
January / February / March;
April / May / June.

Teacher: Assunta Fanuli, art director of Circolo Pugliese.

For the social year 2018/2019 the associates in Puglia meet as follows:

  • in Bari
    on Tuesday from 19:30 to 21:30 beginners and intermediates
  • in Lecce

    • on Monday from 20:00 to 21:30 nineteenth-century and Scottish dances

at La Nuova Ferramenta Arci – via Pappacoda 23

  • in Brindisi
    day and place being defined
  • in Manduria
    on Thursday from 20:00 to 21:30

at Lo Specchio delle Arti – via G. Pacelli 59


What we love to wear during classes:


three flounces cream-colored skirt, in cotton or raw linen, with valencienne or sangallo lace customized inserts; cream-colored or black wrap-around cardigan with the embroidered logo of Società di Danza; cotton or raw linen knickers with customizations matched with the skirt; dance shoes or Scottish shoes;


dark blue or cream-colored trousers; cream-colored shirt with the embroidered lodo of Società di Danza; dance shoes or Scottish shoes.

For more information and directions on the clothing creation, please write to



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