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Since the 1940s, the “fashion designer” profession has entered the working and social scene. The aim was to “dress” the client by harmonizing many aspects: physical proportions, complexion, character, personality. At that time, the professional who “built” a dress was actually looking for a harmonious result, to achieve the right balance between “inside” and “outside” as well as between “outside” and “outside”.

Unfortunately, this aim has been lost nowadays. The dress should be able to express our way of being, our vision of life. This is why, as nineteenth century style dance enthusiasts, it was natural for us to choose the romantic-bourgeois style for clothes. We never copy images of that period, but we reflect their style and workmanship by creating something able to express the physical movement, the look, the smile and the personal history of each individual.

It is not a matter of associating a dress with a “role”, but it means incorporating in that dress the past experiences of who is “inhabiting” it. Let’s get back to when we “inhabited” our dress, let’s feel at “home” in it again: something that makes us feel ourselves, which shows and enhances our full potential.


Assunta Fanuli is available to tailor your dress, be it historical or not.

Call 339 3331613 for more information.

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